My concern is what happens at the end of Biden's term. In spite of Obama's intention to lessen economic inequality, his policies failed within the first 2 years. In particulatr his Help for Homeowners program only got 20% of the money to homeowners, letting the banks foreclose and banker like Mnuchin to form companies to buy up the morgages at firesale prices and foreclose.

The working class that had voted for Obama lost faith in him, turned back to the Republicans and losing faith in them, and all mainstream politicians, sought a savior in a supposed outlier. The same backlash could happen after Biden if he doesn't end economic inewquality. If he takes advice from economists who take money from Wall Street, he is likely to fail on that important issue and pave the way for another Trump.

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Trial lawyer, has taught Business Law at the University of Toronto, Author, Critical Concepts Canadian Business Law @JanWeirLaw |

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