Time to End the Toxic Trump Media Manipulation

The one thing Trump can do well is grab headlines.

Vox’s July 10, 2017 issue gives a good example. Six out of eight of its front-page articles are about Trump. Even Nixon, at the high tide of Watergate, didn’t get this amount of coverage.

Trump’s White House Staff build on their leader’s embarrassingly adolescent behavior with justifications so banal they demand repetition — if only for the humor.

It’s easy to blame the media, but the liberal side gives little to report. The Democrats are disorganized, fighting among themselves, and have only one charismatic leader, Bernie Sanders. Instead of looking for common issues and ways to unite, they are focusing on divisive topics.

A Democrat establishment faction has established a new Super PAC, Bringing Nasty, to defend the status quo policies as championed by Hillary Clinton and resist the progressives and independents who believe there should be a dialogue with Trump supporters. Although well-intentioned, Bringing Nasty is schismatic in the fundamental reason for its existence. It rejects listening to the concerns of the white working class.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Bringing Nasty founder, Candice Aiston:

But since the election, our party has veered dangerously in the direction of abandoning women and people of color to chase the white working class. Let’s be clear — Clinton won the working class; she lost with WHITE working class voters. We have a lot of polling data that tells us that white working class voters rejected our candidate because they voted on issues involving race (terrorism and immigration.)

These are the voters we’ve seen various Democratic leaders saying that they want to chase. But if they’re voting based on race issues, Democrats will have to out-racist Republicans in order to gain their support. That means alienating our base of women and people of color. https://rantt.com/the-resistance-has-already-started-and-its-nasty-8568dbc42cc0

There is a serious error in that conclusion leading to an implied name-calling that the white working class are deplorable racists.

Indeed, the white working class, is naturally conservative. Conservatives are uncomfortable with change and with people who don’t look like them. And if you are one who has fears about losing your job and read the news about immigrants, it makes sense to conclude that stopping immigration will save jobs. It’s a wrong but understandable conclusion. This is faulty thinking that Trump feeds upon.

The job killer is not immigrants or outsourcing jobs. Economists agree that automation causes most of job losses. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/21/the-real-reason-for-disappearing-jobs-isnt-trade-its-robots.html

The claim that manufacturing in the US is in decline is a myth. Manufacturing has increased, but at the same time jobs in that sector have decreased — because of robots not trade with China.

The extra profits earned by the savings are creamed off by executive salaries. CEO and financial service executive salaries account for 70% of the income transfer to the 1%. https://eml.berkeley.edu/~saez/saez-UStopincomes-2013.pdf That could be controlled.

Take a simple possibility. Every time a corporation applies for any type of government grant or subsidy, the government could require that the corporation’s executive compensation not exceed 20 times that of the average worker in that company. If it can pay its executives more, the company doesn’t need a government grant; it has plenty of money.

Why 20 times? Legendary financier J.P. Morgan said he would never invest in a company that paid its executives more than 20 times its average worker because that meant the executives were putting their own interests above that of the corporation’s. Well said! There are lots of other ways to stop this income gap. Is any Democrat thinking about how to do it?

This white working class, that Bringing Nasty says the Democrats should not help, have their worries. This group of workers claim, backed up by every economic study, that their wages have stagnated since about 1990 while they watch that executive pay escalate to the point where CEOs are making 300 times a worker’s average salary.

This so called racist working class is seeing their jobs disappear and replaced by part-time menial jobs like delivering for a courier company. They are craftspeople proud of their skill and what they can produce. They want jobs with dignity. They worry that their children will not be able to afford a house, that they cannot afford a higher education for them, that they cannot afford to send them to professional schools like law schools that charge $30,000 per year tuition. Because of income stagnation, they have not been able to save much for their pensions and worry about their old age.

This is what fuels their concern and the resistance to immigration.

Abraham Maslow gave us this understanding: A hungry man cannot love (I’m sure if Maslow were writing today he would have said: A hungry person…)

First of all, give the working class the right information about what is destroying their jobs, make a commitment to finding how to give them jobs with dignity in the new economy, start think tanks to bring up these solutions. All they are told now is, ‘it’s automation, too bad suck it up, it’s the new economy’.

If they were told that someone other than Trump cares about their situation and gave them hope, their fears about immigration would lessen to the point it would not be an issue.

Income and wealth inequality does not discriminate. Job solutions for the white working-class would help all people including the women and people of color that Bringing Nasty Is devoted to helping.

There are many more issues that would not only appeal to all Democrats but even some Republican voters. Tech companies are mushrooming into job destroying monopolies. Amazon has expanded from being a bookseller into many retail businesses putting local merchants out of business. Malls are closing because of Amazon’s takeover of service industry businesses — even groceries. http://fortune.com/2016/10/11/amazon-grocery-stores/These monopolies should be broken up.

Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican remember) became famous as a Trust Buster — in those days Trust was the term used for a large corporation that dominated an industry. Roosevelt came to power in what Mark Twain called the Gilded Age (1870–1900). It was an age with a serious wealth accumulation in the 1% leaving the average citizen living at the poverty line. If you walked along one of the streets catering to the wealthy, you would’ve thought the society was booming with all the happy shoppers. But if you scratched beneath the gilding, the wood was rotten.

Roosevelt led the charge to break up the monopolistic corporations, and end the corruption in government because of control by the wealthy. The job killing monopoly corporations of today can be cut down to size just as he did.

Think also of the dangerous junk science opposing vaccination. Diseases that have been virtually eradicated are now being unleashed. The physician, Andrew Wakefield,( https://www.statnews.com/2017/01/21/andrew-wakefield-trump-inaugural-ball) behind this movement had his license yanked in the UK because of an undisclosed serious conflict of interest in his study falsely claiming evidence to link vaccination with autism. There is not enough pushback to expose the great danger that allows superstitious, naïve people to be duped by thus this agenda. http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/04/four-vaccine-myths-and-where-they-came

The financial system is being put at risk by Trump’s Choice Act. After 2008, every economist agreed that deregulation was a main cause of the banking crisis. Dodd-Frank put some (not nearly enough) restraints on bankers using bank assets (our deposit money) to speculate in the risky derivative market for profits that would flow into bigger banker bonuses (proprietary trading). Trump has just removed those restraints for his banker buddies.

How many people understand what happened and the serious risk? Bankers are free again to do exactly what they did that had brought our economy to its knees. There needs to be more education about how our financial system works so the voters can understand the future devastation Trump is wreaking on the middle and working class.

A recent study estimates that individual offshore tax evasion by citizens in the US is in the order of $700 billion per year. http://www.consultancy.uk/news/13650/global-private-wealth-exceed-200-trillion-as-the-rich-get-richer

Yet no politician is attacking it. (This is not offshore tax eavoidance by large corporations like Apple, which dominate the news. This is by wealthy people who hide income from the tax man in tax havens like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.)

Whistleblowers in banks have leaked lists to the IRS of US citizens’ bank accounts in secrecy jurisdictions. The largest was from Swiss bank employee Harve Falciani. Ever heard of him and what he did? No, and you never will because newspaper owners benefit from tax havens.

But the IRS does nothing, in spite of its public statements, to actually stop it. It wouldn’t be hard to find out why, but no Democrat is looking. The IRS will persecute you dear reader, but it rarely pursues wealthy tax evaders. There is a reason. A little digging will quickly expose it.

And so on, and so on.

There is a lesson we can learn from the advertising genius behind the defeat of the Chilean demagogue, Augusto Pinochet, one Rene Saaverda. Fellow Pinochet opposers wanted to attack the dictator on the brutality of his oppressive policies. Saaverde resisted saying that would just let Pinoichet control the news cycle.

Instead, recognizing the power of the positive message, Saaverde’s campaign strategy emphasized the positive alternatives never once mentioning the tyrant’s name — and won!



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Jan D Weir

Jan D Weir

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